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Player Wide Meeting

Player Meeting Room(#34R)
A rather large room. There is no conference table here - comfortable loungers and beanbag chairs have been scattered around the room with no seeming pattern. A small table in one corner offers some light snackables - pitchers of juices and soda, as well as some cookies, crackers, cheese and fruits. Across one wall stretches a blank dry erase board. Across another is a tackboard with notes and notices. Though a room with a comfortable atmosphere, the aura here seems to lean more towards business.
Obvious exits:
OOC Room

Kyrellin has arrived.

Kyrellin settles in one of the barcaloungers and goes to get fooood. Hi, guestie. :)

Rydara looks a little crest-fallen. Ah, well. Those interested who couldn't make it will have the log. ;)

Guest finds a perch and peers curiously.
Rydara grins, and waves. I guess I should go ahead and get started, seeing as how I'm behind schedule.

Welcome to Timor Rising's first Player Wide Meeting. This meeting is for all who hold any interest in playing here, as well as those who already do, in a sense. It is meant to be informational, and answer any questions prospective players may have about this game.

Guest grins. no worries, since when did anythign ever start on time. ;)

You say "I'll pause to allow for questions at the end of each bulliten point. Please page me to get into queue when you have a question, and I'll let you know when it's okay to ask out loud.""

Rydara grins.

Guest noddles.

You say "First off, we have the most important thing - our opening schedule. We're at about 98 completion, with nearly everything actually present - most of what needs to take place now are small fixes, code wise. Ultimately, I plan to open for Chargen this Monday, at 12:01 AM. We will actually open for RP that following Wednesday, with a Gather sort of event. From that, we'll follow normal TP hooks."

You say "On to our theme. The timeline that we follow within this MUSH is Sixth Interval, right after the books _Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern_ and _Nerilka's Story_. Our timeline is specifically set 35 Turns into the Interval, to get the Book Characters out of our way. Our canon is what one would expect of early Pern, without one big item some MUSHes have: fire lizards. However, many other aspects of Thread-acknowledging MUSHes are still present. We run at 3:1 time, so at some point in the distant future, we will have to deal with that menace. However, for now we're playing in the Interval. Files under the Canon point listed in the news index are all good reads. The least you should read are the news interval files, which explain what has happened between the end of Moreta and Nerilka and now. Any questions on our canon or theme?"

Guest shakes its head.

Rydara grins. On to Hatching stuff, then!

Kyrellin returns and smiles brightly.

You say "Unlike other MUSHes, we plan to do something a little different with our Hatchings. Every time a gold rises, there will be a PC clutch. Now, I know this sounds like a lot of work, but really, since golds rise only sporadically during an Interval, it shouldn't be a problem. We are also striving to make our 'cycles' a little more realistic - we will do our Searches randomly, and there won't be 'slots' as far as canon chromatics are concerned. Anyone who wants a canon chromatic that is Searched through our random system will receive one. Metallics will still be a 'feature' character, but their applications will be much shorter and more game-based, with less PR items. Impression of metallics and feature chromatics (IE, girls on blue) will be heavily RP-based. Also, we will make Candidacies much shorter (approximately three RL weeks), and though this means that the dragons will be less detailed, we think everyone involved will be much happier."

Guest hmms and nods.

Rydara grins. "It is possible for us to do this because we have seperated IC and OOC duties, but I'll get to this later. At any rate, I'd like to have a mating flight about a week or two after we open for RP, to keep things moving both OOCly and plot wise. From the resulting clutch(es), our plot will continue and eventually be the dethronment of my character, Heriya, after which I cross-my-heart-hope-to-die won't have an IC leadership position anymore. The result of this flight will also be a PC Weyrleader, so that I'm not all alone in this admining thing anymore. (^.^) At any rate, we'll need Search Co, so anyone who isn't putting their character up for the random Search is welcome to help out. Even if you are hoping to get Searched, we'll still need help with things like egg descs! We'll do about two RL weeks between Flight and Clutching, and by then we'll probably have an idea of who is Impressing, so most of the dragons can be made in the three RL weeks between Clutching and Hatching.

You say "Just so nobody is surprised, we are going to have a double gold flight. Two gold eggs may or may not be the result. It very much depends on what happens and who gets Searched. Also, so nobody is too surprised, something is going to happen after the second Clutching that will definitely get our plot arc on a roll.""

Kyrellin hurrah for plot arcs!

Guest hmms... interesting.

You say "Weyrlinghood is going to be realistic, but we're going to try to get away from the scripted classes that are mandatory for graduation (blah blah), and really get you to focus on the interaction between your characters, and between your character and their dragon. As in the books, golds will be seperated once they are old enough to fly, and the young weyrwoman will be given 'leading' lessons. As in the books, likely young lads riding brown or bronze will be seperated out and given lessons on how to behave as Weyrleader, Wingleader, or Wingsecond."

Rydara pauses. Everything OK, so far?

Guest nods.

Rydara plows on then. Wee.

Kebra arrives from the OOC Room.
Kebra has arrived.

You say "OOC Admin. OOC Admins are just that - administration that takes care of every OOC aspect of their area - right now, Telgar Weyr. These are people elected by the player base of a specific area to take care of them. These OOC Admins are in charge of everything from monitoring feature characters within their area to be sure they are keeping up the required amount of activity, to figuring TPs, to being in charge of knotting new residents, to keeping up the code of their area. They are also the understood 'chairs' of all Search Co's. These people are *not* allowed to hold IC positions of high power, including but not limited to Craftmasters, Lord/Lady Holders, and Weyrleaders. The reason we do this is to cut back on the amount of stuff that the IC leaders have to do, thus giving them more time to RP and less likelihood of burning out. OOC Admins are monitored by the Wizarding staff - if at any time one fails to stay active, they will be replaced by the Wizards. Terms are six months, with the election process taking anywhere from two weeks to a month. The Wizards' only part in this process is deeming applicants/nominations acceptable - other then that, we don't do anything except take care of the code part on our end. Any questions?"

Kebra headshakes.

Rydara coughs. Two things I forgot to note in that explanation - IC leaders can be nominated, but *must* step down if elected, and current OOC admins can hold a limitless amount of terms in office, so long as they stay active and everything runs smoothly.

Guest nods.

Rydara nods. "I plan to run an election for OOC Admin as soon as a) the furor from Hatching dies down, or b) we have enough people. I will not run an election before the Hatching. I will not run one just after the Hatching if we do not have enough people. You'll be stuck with me. I will run one, regardless, once my protege succeeds me.

You say "So I can just be a wizard, and you guys can have fun. ;)"

Kebra grins.

Kyrellin chuckles.

Rydara grins. "Off topic, I'mma eat this whole can of Pringles while I sit here. Mmm. Anyways, on to the next, and them I'mma take a short break and go stretch.

Kebra chuckles.

Guest mmms. yah, dinner break soon,

Kyrellin steals Ry's Pringles.

You say "Grid Completion. I'm not sure if our guest here has gotten a chance to wander the grid, and I know you suggested that pasture room to me earlier, Kebra, but I think I'll just write that into the desc. Anyways, Jaeli's suggested a Rim and Star Stones, as well as a "High Sky" (*cries at Kyrellin*). Are there any other *rooms* You all think we should add to the grid?"

Guest hmms, no offense, but fewer is usually better starting out...

Rydara agrees with you, Guest. I'm just making sure that I haven't left out anything nobody thinks we can live without.

Kebra says "We have a fairly small grid, large enough to allow for variety and let people feel like they can be wherever they want."

Guest nods.

Rydara will create NPC areas (read, a room that says "Benden Weyr", etc, with a rotating desc) as they're necessary. And, if we ever need to expand, High Reaches, which is the likely choice, is already nice and built - it just requires tweaking. Now, code wise, we have a Hatcher being built. Somebody offered me weather code, if we decided we wanted it. We have +time, and don't particularly need +help, since it's all hard-coded into the news files. Anything else we can't live without? To note, I'm not coding runners. :)

Kyrellin snaps her fingers. I wanted a palomino runner!

Rydara grins. I know. Doesn't that just make you cry? But, yeah. Sorry.

Rydara would code pet vtols before she coded runners.

Guest says "you have +hrwhelp but no +tgwhelp when telgar is your open area? might be confusing for some, if you just want to point to the news files might consider having a tgehelp just to say that. i imagine whatever players want added down teh line you'll hear for."

Kebra whoots at the rainstorm dumping water on her apartment.

Rydara notes that deactivating HRWhelp and HRHhelp are on her to do list. We were going to have softcoded help, but I could never bend the code to my will on that particular matter.

Guest ahs and nods.

You say "Although, a news tgwhelp might not be a bad idea?"

You say "Kyrellin, Kebra? What do you girls think?"

Kebra says "Couldn't hurt, but I think unless there is a second area added it would be redundant at the moment?"

Guest well its mostly moot by taking out the +hrwhelp part. no +where?

Rydara nods. "+where works for me?"

Guest says "in your help file.."

Rydara ahs.

You say "On the list. Anything else?"

Guest headshakes

Rydara nods. If you two K people don't have anything, then I'mma take a quick break. Be right back.

Kyrellin is getting her butt kicked at work. We're in queue and the idiots upstairs keep sending us more calls. :)

Kebra kicks her modem.

Rydara offers staples to Kebra. Ooops, before I go. An "OOC" chatter command. Redundant, or okay?

Guest says "handy"

Kebra says "I've never been a big fan of the posed stuff. I'm more fond of paging, personally.
There's a great 'room page' command out there, somewhere."

Guest waves out.

Rydara nods. In that case, I think that'll be better.

B'del has arrived.

Rydara hugs B'del. All right. Lemme grab a drink and we'll continue.

Kebra waves to B'del.
B'del fell asleep, sorry.

You say "Character Stuff. I'll start with the Character Generation Rooms, and then go to Player Expectations."

Rydara grins. You're fine.

Kebra did, too, so I think you're okay.

B'del was surviving on 2 hours of sleep all day

Kyrellin has 15 calls holding. AIE.

You say "Character Generation on Timor Rising is not entirely complex. Within it, you will find the means to build your character so that you can RP. Insta-riders and crafters should build their characters first, getting an idea of where they want them to go, and only then fill out the applications. Wishy-washy characters will not be approved, nor will their rank requests be granted. I understand that some people require RP to truly build their characters. We aren't asking that you know every tiny detail about your character, but we do ask that you know where you want them to go. The news files are tremendously helpful with any aspect you could have questions about, and anything else can be filled in by myself or our Helper staff."

Kyrellin wiggles her helper fingers.

B'del uses someone as a pillow and snoozes.

You say "Player Expectations are what we, the wizcorps and (future) OOC Admins expect of you all as players. These are mostly common sense rules that should govern nearly everything else you do on the internet, but we'll go ahead and outline them so that they're clear.

You should:
Be kind, OOCly, to your fellow players. This extends to player harrassment and the like. Calling others bad names, no matter how you perceive them acting towards you, is rude. No matter how twinky someone is, making fun of them for it isn't nice. Everyone was new once, including yourself. On the flip side, you shouldn't have to deal with these things. If you feel you are being harrassed, contact the wizards. We will look into the situation.

Keep other game politics on those other games. We will have all kinds of IC politics within the game. However, OOC politics are different, and they're just silly. Please do not pull your dislike of someone from another game to this one. This can be considered harassment. Please do not ask other people who their alts are, and if you do, please do not be mad if they don't want to tell you.

Be kind to your wizards. They work hard to keep things going for you. No matter how frustrated you get, we're trying, I promise.

Be active and RP. Sometimes, RL bites everyone. But from the moment you step out onto the grid, you are likely going to start forming relationships with other characters. And while everyone loves to chatter, this MUSH cannot thrive without RP.

Remember that IC actions equal IC consequences. Talk out something with your RP mates before you just do it, or don't be upset when your character gets demoted for talking back to the Weyrleader.

Remember that each MUSH is different, and not everybody will do it (insert game here)'s way. We're a canon, RP-concentric MUSH, which means that sometimes our 'Leaders aren't bound by OOC constrictions to be nice ICly. Our Weyrwoman is a total witch. It sparks more RP."

Rydara whispers. Anything I forgot?

Kebra grins. Witch! Witch!
B'del says "Ry you're meaaannnn! You're harassing meeeee!"

Rydara shrugs. So you all may get to tie her to a stake and burn her when this is all done. Tell me *that* won't be satisfying? *turns into a she-demon and shows B'del what Harrasment is all about* Hehe. ;)

B'del giggles.

Kebra laughs.

Rydara sorries. Had to go fold some clothes so the SO doesn't tell me I'm totally worthless.

Kyrellin has only *2* calls holding, yaaaay!

Rydara grins. "Feature Characters!"

Kourya has arrived.
Kourya is fashionably late :)

Rydara chuckles. Two hours, fashionably late, but I started half an hour late anyways. Heh.

Rydara coughs. Anyways. "Feature Characters!"

Kebra says "And half of us were late, too."

Kourya nods, and feels better..

You say "Within Chargen, the characters that are considered Feature are as follows: Master craftsmen, Blooded characters, and Bronze dragons, though Insta-riders are required to complete a short application so we know they knot what's going on. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT currently accepting the following through Chargen: Lord/Lady Holders, gold riders (weyrwomen), women blue riders. Please do not ask for these characters, you will be denied."

B'del is a feature? O_o'

Kourya is a feature!

Kourya thinks she is..

B'del paints Ser green >>'.

Kourya paints her dragon brown,

You say "Within the game, the same as above are considered Feature Characters, with the following additions: gold riders (weyrwomen), any character with a rank that gives them superiority (including Wingleaders and Headwomen), women blue riders. We expect features to RP nearly daily, with a near daily login. These are 'special' characters, no matter what way you look at it - in that, we mean that they are rare. For right now, there will be no more then ONE (1) blue riding woman per clutch. (A double clutch may have two, but not from the same clutch!) This is technically out of canon for our timeline, and the singular stretch we are willing to make. These women *must* be homosexual, or at least bisexual. There is no reason for a straight woman to Impress to a male dragon, in our canon. They must also be willing to become part of the plot arc - because this has not happened before on Pern, there will be a lot of stigma surrounding their Impression, just like when Mirrim first Impressed Path in Ninth Pass Pern. Until our first clutch, they do not exist. BRONZE RIDERS must be HETEROSEXUAL, according to Anne McCaffrey, while brown and blue riders may be heterosexual or bi. Generally, blue and green riding men are homosexual, though blue riders will probably be bi, if anything."

You say "Any questions?"

Kebra headshakes.

B'del has to RP everyday? ;;

You say "NEARLY" daily. ;)"

B'del is so going to fail.

Kourya looks cute, and will be here... every day... rain, shine, snowstorm.... death I'll be here!

Rydara grins. And so long as you are on, or willing to RP when it's offered, you're good.

Rydara giggles. I'd say something, but that would spoil the plot, Kourya. Shhhh.

B'del says "work is exhausting, I come home and I just want to sleep."

Kourya muzzles.

Rydara pfts. Uhm. Kyr! Anything I missed on the feature standpoint?

B'del sulks.

Rydara pets. You're fine, lovey. You're always on. Hey, Keb, want some staples?

Kourya hmms, Wingleaders? Weyrseconds?

Kyrellin dunno.

Kebra nods!
Kebra says "Dialup is mean."

Kourya hemms... and isn't sure.. I could be here all the time, but to much of me would be a bad thing.

Kebra says "Weyrseconds don't exist, do they? Rather, we have the Wingsecond for the Weyrleader's wing?"

Rydara nods.

You say "As for Weyr Leadership, we don't have a Weyrsecond. Rather, he is the Wingsecond of the Weyrleader's wing. He is still considered a feature, since he has something of a Leader position, but we don't find the "weyrsecond" position to be truly canon to Pern. Wingleaders are expected to contribute to plot arcs, and are expected to hold events for their specific wings on a bimonthly basis.

ANY character that fails to be active as outlined by the wizards will be removed from their positions and replaced OR will be handed over to an active player. Characters who fill positions that would have no canon/IC reason to change when you have idled are the property of the game, as are roster characters. If you have a feature character and do not wish to lose it, please inform the Wizards/OOC admin when you need to take leave. Even if an emergency arises - short of very little - you should still be able to at least send an email to the wizards (trmush@yahoo.com) to let us know you will be gone."

B'del clings to B'del.

Kourya hugs her Kourya.

Kourya writes down questions.

You say "Yes, Kourya?"

Kourya wonders, who is the Weyrleader, what are the weyrwomen expected to do? Does the weyrleader have requirements and do we currently have a pc one?

Jaeli has arrived.

Rydara grins. "Right now, there is no Weyrleader. Heriya's had him exiled, or transfered. It doesn't matter. The Weyrwoman and weyrwomen are expected to keep the Weyr running smoothly - plus that Heriya's got control of the wings, in the absence of a Weyrleader. You would make sure that everyone has enough to eat. You specifically, Kourya, would likely do a lot of hidework, since Heriya finds it distasteful. The Weyrleader is required to have the same activity as any other feature. A PC Weyrleader will be decided at the time of the flight. It is not predetermined.

B'del makes a note to turn up missing.

Kourya makes a note to bring gloves

Rydara will be very mad at you if you aren't there, B'del. ;.; There's only two PC bronzes. IF an NPC wins, he will of course be made PC and a player will be found for him.

Kourya will NPC...

Rydara finishes features. "There are two way to get a feature. You can get a Chargen-eligible feature by applying for it, and being accepted, or you can Impress, and in many cases work your way up to being a true feature. weyrwomen are automatic features. That's just how it works. :)

B'del sucks.

Rydara pokes. You wouldn't ride bronze here if you did, Gumby. Now, on to...

Kourya pets her character, and B'del "You are the best and cutest, cuddliest person I know."

B'del runs away screaming, never to return again.

Rydara ties B'del down. Anyways. On to our plot!

Kourya runs away now.

Jaeli flops.

You say "To start with, our Weyrwoman is a right b-... Well, let's keep this PG and say "witch". She likes power, and she knows how to twist it so that she's always right. Always. There's just one problem. Heriya owes High Reaches. Big time. And they know it. So High Reaches, as the leading Weyr, is doing all kinds of nasty things to Telgar. Blackmailing them, forcing them to do things that go against tradition (like presenting more girls then boys in the hopes of Impressing one to a male), things of that nature. Heriya's not too happy about it, but there's nothing she can do, so she takes it out on those around her - the proverbial crap rolls down hill. Now that she's getting older, and it's into the Interval, Mhiandeth is rising much less. With Kourya's queen being younger (and Kourya being nicer, if a bit meek and weak), the Weyrfolks are kind of hoping that Guin will rise first, so they can claim that Heri's too old and boot her out. As we'll see, the Weyrfolk'll have no such luck, but anyways. Somebody's going to be murdered, and the new Weyrleader is going to have a time of himself. He's gonna have to stick up for himself against Heriya AND High Reaches so he doesn't get booted out like his fifteen predecesors. Anything you think we should add?"

B'del hides Ser away from proddy gold dragons.

Kourya hides Guin from Heriya

Jaeli just hides from you all.

Kebra giggles. And loves it.

Rydara dies at Jaeli. Why?! I think it's a GREAT plot!

B'del giggles, "Ben would definitely be a hassle for Heri :P."

Jaeli eyes Rydara. Sounds like great fun, something I'm going to have a great time with.

Rydara grins. Then why are you hiding?

B'del says "Because, I'm so fail :P."

Rydara phfts at B'del. You'd make a wonderful Weyrleader, and you know it.

Kourya hugs B'del.

Kyrellin kicks work a lot and listens when she can.

B'del says "It'd be fun though with how Bel's gonna be."

Rydara pokes. See?

You say "All right, if there's no comments, onwards, ever onwards!"

Jaeli says "Lead the way oh Mighty Rydara."

B'del marches forward!

Kourya will have fun, as long as the words Oh Mighty and Rydara are never ever used in the same sentence again :) (J/K I think)

B'del snickers.

Kebra laughs.

You say "BUGS. GLITCHES. They happen everywhere. In the code, between some rooms. With your dragons, etcetera. IF YOU EVER HAVE A CODE GLITCH, PLEASE TELL US ASAP. I know, it's like yelling, but it's important. Don't ever assume that somebody else will report it - it may just be a you thing! With most of our code being hand-written (Everybody say "YAY, MANDRAKE, WE LOVE YOU!"), it's going to have a bug or two. Oh, well. Just let us know so it can be fixed."

You say "I'll get you Kourya, you just wait."

Kourya meeps..

You say "Now, if you for some reason forget my name or how to @mail, there's this great board that we have to report bugs on. It's technically called the 'suggestions' board, but you could 'suggest' that we fix the bug, right? Yeah. It's bboard 11. So, yeah. Find 'em, post 'em, we'll fix 'em. Simple as pie."

Kourya says "YAY MANDRAKE WE LOVE YOU!" (is conforming for her own safety, clap your hands if you want to save my sanity)"

Kourya wonders if there is a simple how to move, and not carry your dragon code?

B'del has a code you can use, it's really nice.

Kourya not... @force?

B'del nods.

Kourya oohs!

B'del says "I mean it's not force"

Kourya ohs..

B'del says "Just give me your dragon's #"

Rydara nods. There's a great code that works on PernWorld to, and since Mandrake fixed the commands thing (YAY MANDRAKE I LOVE YOU!), it's a giant piece of pie. Love the three-letter alias. While they're doing that, shall we move on s'more?"

Kourya will page that..

"Yay! Almost done! We're on to the "Things Rydara Forgot" section, and then I'm going to open the floor up for overall questions and comments and the idle so I can look like a housewife and edit the log and post it. So!

You say "Yay! Almost done! We're on to the "Things Rydara Forgot" section, and then I'm going to open the floor up for overall questions and comments and the idle so I can look like a housewife and edit the log and post it. So!"

You say "Weyrwoman vs. weyrwoman. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! ;) Here, we don't believe the use of "Junior Weyrwoman" and "Senior Weyrwoman" is appropriate or canon. Therefore, ranks are distinguished thusly - the "senior" weyrwoman is the Weyrwoman. "Junior" weyrwomen are weyrwomen. Yes. It's a slight difference - the capitalization of the first letter, but it's a big deal. If the weyrwoman isn't The Weyrwoman, don't capitalize the W. Even if it's at the beginning of the sentence. "Senior" and "junior" queen I will let slip, because those are actually used in the books."

Rydara giggles sheepishly. Whoops. I need to go get my fiance now, because I have the car, but you all are welcome to comment. Be back in two seconds. :)

(At this point, it degenerated into canon discussion. :) )
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