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First Scene - finally!

Our First Scene - Wednesday, June 21st 2006, in the Sixth Interval Timeline.

Cast of Players: Heriya, B'del, Kebra, Jaeli, Kyrellin, and Cyndal

Description: Telgar Weyr Southern Bowl
This southern part of Telgar's Bowl tends to see a lot of people traffic, and therefore it is much noisier then other parts of the Bowl. This is, after all, where the non-rider residents spend most of their time. To the east stand several entrances: the kitchen, with all manner of appetizing smells wafting out; the dragon infirmary, where seriously injured lifemates are treated; the recovery weyr, for riders and dragons to stay in when they can't make it to their weyrs; and the living caverns, where residents live and work. In front of the kitchen is the garden, one green spot on the otherwise ash-colored sandy ground. On the west side of the Bowl are the runner stables and pastures, another bit of green to relieve the eye. A yawning arch in the wall of the Bowl caldera shades into darkness, leading out of the Weyr proper itself and down towards the Holds literally under Telgar's wings of protection. Decorations of nature are sparse here - a few boulders, out of the way of where they could be stepped on by dragons not watching their feet, and a few scraggly weeds and bushes that cling closely to the edge of the caldera's walls.

Chaos reigns in this part of the Bowl - moreso then usual. Everywhere, despite the chilly weather, stalls have been set up and decorated in the banner of the inahbitant's origin. The air is full of shouts - sellers hawking their wears, and those who've been excused from their duties wandering through the stalls, each dressed warmly. Big 'walls' have been constructed - each with a loose frame that holds a pieced leather curtain - in the hopes of sheltering the gather-goers from the worst of the winter weather. Even still, the stiff wind blows stinging flurries of snow here and there.

You step southwards, into the Southern Bowl.

Mhiandeth spirals down from the sky above, coming to an easy rest on the Bowl Floor.
Mhiandeth has arrived.

Heriya is fussing loudly over the last of the Turn's End preparations. At this point, it's getting the last walls resurrected so the chilling winds don't buffet snow into the eyes of the Gather-goers. She's audible nearly to the northern side of the Bowl with her shrieking. "You idiots, it's tipping over!"

Kebra has been scurrying about all day, helping here and there as directed by whomever catches hold of her arm when she's not busy. So, since she just finished another errand, she of course gets nabbed to help prevent the wall from falling, along with anyone else nearby who has a free hand or two. "Who in their right mind holds a Gather in the middle of winter?" one man is heard to mutter, scowling at everyone impartially.

Heriya isn't deaf, nor is she stupid. She slips up behind the man, grabbing the back of his shirt. "I could find you someplace where it's never winter." She tells him, sweetly. "Mighty lonely though." She scowls, and shoves him roughly. "We are just as good as Fort, or High Reaches. And both of them have winter to tend with, too! Now get those walls anchored! We've got several high ranking guests coming today, and I won't have them covered in snow because you dimglows can't manage to do what you're told." She surveys their work crudely, then nods. "Finally." She mutters, darkly, glancing up at the cloudy sky. "You, child," and she points at Kebra, who's probably jostled and shoved roughly forward before Heriya can find somebody else to pick on. "Go get the glows. You, you, and you, get the glow baskets. It'll be dark, soon, and nobody likes to gather in the dark!"

Kebra knows better than to duck out of sight, so when Heriya points at her, she moves immediately to do as ordered. 'Helping' hands are roughly shrugged off as the girl moves under her own power. Nobody needs to manhandle her to make her understand the need to hurry. Bowing her head in meek submission, the girl flees for the caverns, pelting toward the storerooms. As soon as she's able she's coming back into the bowl, carrying as many glows as she can manage. When other present baskets, she starts doling the moss-like bits out, emptying her arms as quickly as possible before furtively glancing around. "Are these enough?" she voices generally, not sure Heriya is listening or not.

Heriya glances down the edge of her nose at Kebra, and sniffs haughtily. High above, perched on an outcrop of rock, Mhiandeth watches every detail with an eagle eye. "Hardly." She replies. "But I suppose it will do." She points to a few of the rest of her helpers. "Start putting them up. Make sure every stall has at least two. You can't barter without being able to see what you're bartering *over*!" The tempting smell of bubblies and meat pies is starting to float in the air as the bakercraft gets a headstart on their main crowd-drawers.

Kebra ducks her head in acknowledgement, hurrying to gather as many baskets as she can. Before the others can desert her to the task, the girl is pushing baskets into their arms and harrying them into doing this task with her as well. Once the work is divided, she heads out among the stalls, adorning stalls with their requisite two glowbaskets.

Heriya looks about, looking pleased. Riders have descended to the Bowl floor, their dragons going back up to join Mhiandeth on various ledges about this side of the Bowl. "Dismissed. Go get cleaned." She says, luxuriously.

Kebra finishes getting the last basket hung and returns to the space in front of the caverns just in time to hear Heriya's gracious decree. Dipping a deep bow, the healer lass scrambles her way through the horde of people determined to get clean in time to enjoy the festivities. While she doesn't quite push and shove her way through, the girl does make use of her build to either squirm or force her way through, whichever works best.

Heriya is standing in the middle of the Bowl, dictating last minute things to a group of big burly men as her helpers dash away. Even over the swirling wind, her commands are shriekingly audible. "Absolutely no fights. And keep the residents and apprentices away from the Lord Holders and Masters. I won't have the high-rankers soiled."

Jaeli isn't to far away from Heriya, being the Assistant Headwoman she is she's trying to keep things going smoothly without getting into the Weyrwomans way. Spits are quickly checked as the wood beneath is banked to keep things just hot enough to cook the meats without burning them.

Heriya catches sight of one of Sariyna's assistant, and orders her to her side. "Jayna!" She sanps. "Here!" Almost like she's commanding a canine.

Kebra returns from cleaning up, looking as good as she can ever manage. She's wearing a very plain brown dress now, about as dull in color as her eyes, made of heavy linen. The apprentice slips through the stream of others returning to the bowl, ducking and weaving to try and claim a good spot from which to watch everything. The best spots are, of course, claimed long before she reaches them, but the girl manages to garner a seat that provides her a decent view of the gather.

Jaeli closes her eyes, heaves a deep sigh and finally turns towards the WeyrWoman with a smile fixed upon her face. "Coming WeyrWoman, I'm coming." is called out in return with just a bit of exasperation and a muttered "It's Jaeli not Jayna." Cleaning off her hands on a rag pulled from the pocket of her blue dress, the younger woman quickly crosses to join the goldrider. "Yes Ma'am? You needed me for something?"

Heriya nods, glancing about. She seems to have forgotten why she wanted the Assistant Headwoman in the first place. "One of the women went into labor, so Sariyna's busy. You'll be in charge of this Gather." She actually takes a moment to look down at the woman. "And you'd better not muss this up." She hisses. "Be sure that the Harpers are happy - I managed to tempt some of the Harper Hall's finest. If they're not happy, they'll never return to Telgar Weyr." Despite Heriya's normally screechy tone of voice, she's talking in a low, hissed whisper. "And that would be a disaster!" There's a "yoohoo!" behind her, and Heriya straightens abruptly, turning with a false, fixed smile towards the Lord and Lady of Telgar Hold. "Good day." She says, graciously. Then she glances over her shoulder, fixing Jaeli with a piercing stare. "How are you, Lady Roina, Lord Ganyar. Allow me to introduce Janny, one of Headwoman Sariyna's competent assistants." The Lord and Lady make gracious pleasantries with the Assistant.

With the arrival of the Lords and Ladys of the Holds looking to Telgar, the Turn's End Gather at Telgar seems to have begun. Chattering happily, people begin to wander through the Gather, looking over the wears as they go.

Kebra settles against the side of one stall, using it as a windbreak and heatsource since there's baking going on inside. From her warmish perch the girl can watch Heriya, the various important people invited, and stay out of everyone's way. At least, that is the general idea.

Heriya abruptly dismisses Jaeli, coughing. "Come along now, Lords and Ladies. Shall we walk the Gather?" She offers, holding her arm out for Lord Ganyar of Telgar. "The dancing is bound to start soon, and we'll have dinner available during that time. Would you like a glass of wine? Tillek has sent us some of their finest." The Lords and Ladies smile and chatter - and Heriya spies Kebra leaning against a stall. The Weyrwoman scowls at the Healer Apprentice, though it quickly turns into a smile as she's addressed.

Seraneth spirals down from the sky above, coming to an easy rest on the Bowl Floor.
Seraneth has arrived.

Kebra catches Heriya scwoling at her out of the corner of her eye, and immediately the girl rises and, dipping a meek bow, moves away from Weyrwoman and Holders alike. Ducking around the edge of the stall, she runs square into one of the servers, who -had- been bringing several tall flutes of fine Tillek wine to offer the Lords and Ladies. But now that's all over Kebra and server alike. Oh dear.

B'del has arrived.

Heriya can't help but hear the crash, tinkle, and startled exclamations of the wineboy. Excusing herself from the Lords and Ladies, she hurries to see what caused the clatter - and nearly runs over Kebra. Practically screaming with disgust, she sends the wine boy back to get more, then rounds on Kebra. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID!?" She screams shrilly. "THAT WAS A THIRTY MARK A BOTTLE WINE!"

Kebra yelps at the initial impact with the wineboy, blinking when wine splatters her face and dress. And then, as what just happened sinks in, she starts looking desperately for a way to escape. Too late, though. There's Heriya. Cringing, the girl backs away from the Weyrwoman, mumbling something unintelligible as she makes repeated low bows to the irate woman.

Kyrellin arrives from the Living Caverns.
Kyrellin has arrived.

Lady Roina peeks around the corner, looking concerned. "Weyrwoman? Everything all right?" She asks. Heriya turns away from Kebra and fakes a quick smile, snapping beside her. "Just fine, Lady Roina." Heriya replies smoothly, as an oilly man appears beside her. "Breshan, won't you finish showing the Lords and Ladies about our Gather? Be sure their wine glasses are always full, and get them some bubblies and pies at the Baker's stall." The Weyrwoman *looks* up at him, and the seedy looking man nods, smiling silkily. "Of course, Weyrwoman." He replies, sketching a low bow, then slips up to the Holders, and begins leading them away, chattering a mile a minute. Heriya pauses to watch them go, then turns back to the unfortunate Kebra, shaking with fury. "How could you be such a disasterous pest?!" It's kind of a statement, *and* a demand.

Kebra stays bowed as low as she can without tipping over, trembling in terror and nervousness. "I didn't mean to, Weyrwoman," she squeaks out, staring at the ground and wishing it would swallow her up. "I was just trying to get out of sight... I knew you didn't want anyone in the way of the Lords and Ladies. I'm so very, very sorry, Weyrwoman!" Kebra's voice flutuates between squeaks and sobs, knowing she's in for it.

It may not be the best time for him to enter, but enter B'del does. Seraneth making a landing onto the bowl from his ledge high above. The rider quickly unbuckling his straps and slipping off the bronze, a brow slowly arches as he takes note of the weyrwoman and the other, "Something going on?"

Heriya scowls down at Kebra. "Meant to! Hah!" She snarls. B'del comes up, and Heriya shoots him a look. "Late." She snarls at him. "As usual." She turns flicking her hand at Kebra. "I'll devise a suitable punishment for you later, Healer." She snaps. "I'm too busy right now."

B'del waves a casual hand in the air, dismissing the comments. "No more late than some people, ma'am. I had...things that needed attending to." An amused look is given to the fleeing Kebra, his lips turning into a smirk. Though, his attention is quick to move to the weyrwoman. "And how are you this fine day, ma'am?"

Cyndal arrives from the Central Bowl to the north.
Cyndal has arrived.

Kebra steps over into the Living Caverns.
Kebra has left.

Heriya snarls at B'del, turning her head to watch the Healer as she bolts off. The wheels seem to be turning in the Weyrwoman's head, but she doesn't comment upon it, for now. "B'del, join me. We've company to entertain." And she steps out from behind the booth, back into the the chatter and giggles of the Gather. "Dancing should being soon."

One might think there isn't even a gather going on because one of the journeymen isn't dancing or singing (which is a good thing) or doing something most could consider 'enjoying herself'. Kyrellin hasn't got a bubbly pie in hand. She's got a hammer. And she's wielding it to great effect on a table whose contents were so heavy that it buckled. BANG BANG BANG! the sound rings out. Poor harpers. But it's that or the food goes into the dirt... and the four brawny men she's commandeered to hold the table up until she's done with her repairs would be most distressed.

Cyndal wanders in and amongst the stalls, thankful that she she's out from under her mother's watchful eye, even for just a short bit. She looks wistfully at some of the wares, but keeps her fingers back and away even as she keeps an eye out for her mother, or even her little sister.

Jaeli keeps an eye on the harpers, keeping them well stocked with anything and everything that they could possibly want. Not only is she seeing to the harpers but the young woman manages to keep things running smoothly. Moving back to Heriya and B'del, Jaeli comes baring offerings of wine and tidbits to taste from the food that's being served to the Lords and Masters.

Heriya simply assumes that B'del will follow her - she's given her royal decree on it, after all, with no choice of him wriggling out. She's nearly caught up with the Lords and Ladies when she comes upon yet another travesty at her Gather - not just a table being fixed, but a woman wearing a dress fixing said table. Jaeli chooses that unfortunate point to come to offer tidbits, and Heriya nearly snatches them out of her hand. "Took you long enough." She snaps. "What... Is ... THIS." She points a disdainful finger at Kyrellin.

Kyrellin calmly and efficiently continues her work until it's done, signaling to her four conscripts to gingerly lower the table as she waits to see if the load can be taken. Meanwhile, a couple of bakers work at easing the load by shifting some stuff to a less-piled table. "Just saving dessert, Weyrwoman," the journeyman states politely in a mild tone. "I apologize for disturbing things." The four men make a point to snitch one small bowl of custard each and flees amongst the crowd. Kyrellin checks her work a second time before twirling the hammer around one finger before sheathing it in her toolbelt. "It will hold, provided it's not overburdened like that again."

Jaeli grimaces at the snapped out words from the WeyrWoman but what else did she expect. "I'm sorry Ma'am, but the Harpers had to seen to as you said." The table was a simple accidently or so she sees it to be. "That is a simple table that was overloaded but it's been fixed and righted." Placation is the point of this little encounter, to see that Heriya is kept happy so that Jaeli won't have to deal with her anger later on.

Heriya _Glances_ at Jaeli. "Not the table, dimglow!" She says, putting her fingers to her forehead and rolling her eyes. "This! This girl in the dress! What on Pern were you thinking, coming to MY Gather dressed so... unappetizingly?" Heriya gives Kyrellin a look that shoots daggers as she takes a sip from her wine glass. "Well?!" She looks from one woman to the other. "And why is this... This... girl wielding a hammer? And from whom did you take that Journeyman's knot? No master in his right senses would promote a *girl* to Journeyman in the Smithcraft."

Kyrellin doesn't seem to be much for placating. She simply looks at Heriya in silence for a few moments, a slight upturning of the corners of her mouth. Not really enough to be seen as a smirk or anything. It seems to be her usual pleasant neutral expression. "Perhaps I should request the presence of my Craftmaster, Weyrwoman?" she asks, her gaze leaving the Weyrwoman as if to search for said master. "I am sure he would be willing to allay your concerns regarding what rank I possess and the skills which I used to earn it." The insults don't seem to bother her in the slightest. "And it is fortunate I brought my tools with me. Such a generous Gather, I guessed that the tables would be overflowing with excellent fare and might not be up to the challenge of holding things up. Although... those four /did/ look rather fetching holding up the table."

Around Heriya, riders, residents, and guests alike jostle good naturedly. Seems Heriya's created quite a holdup. High above, the dragons seem to be keeping up mile-a-minute chatter as well - here and there, a rider will look up, smirk, and continue upon his way. "What's holding things up?" Somebody demands as people shift uneasily and slowly around the Weyrwoman. "Oh, it's Her. Who'd'a guessed?" Somebody else replies. "Keep your traps shut." Somebody else snarls. "She'll hear us, and then we'll be in a muckpit!"

Jaeli tries to draw Heriya's attention away from the Journeywoman and back to the things going on around her. "The Harpers are tuning up, perhaps you should kick off the dancing yourself with one of the masters?" is asked and hinted as the Music begins to swell up and fill the air.

B'del cracks a grin, his brow rising ever so slightly as he listens to the weyrwoman, slowly shaking his head. "Did someone say music? Let's get this party started all ready, I'm bored just standing here!"

Heriya stares at Kyrellin, and scowls. Deeply. Then she turns to Jaeli, and nods. "Of course." She replies, rather mildly. For Heriya, that is. The Lords and Ladies are already congregating on the floor. Heriya pauses, then offers B'del her hand, sniffing rather disdainfully. "Shall we?" She asks, after a long moment.

Kyrellin is smart enough not to laugh or look visibly amused. That self-same pleasant expression remains on her face as she passes away from the Weyrwoman and the bronzerider, glancing toward Jaeli and offering up a polite smile and nod.

Jaeli nods in return to Kyrellin as she watches the pair of riders join the Lords and Ladies on the dance floor with a heaved sigh of relief.

Heriya stares at Kyrellin, and scowls. Deeply. Then she turns to Jaeli, and nods. "Of course." She replies, rather mildly. For Heriya, that is. The Lords and Ladies are already congregating on the floor. Heriya pauses, then offers B'del her hand, sniffing rather disdainfully. "Shall we?" She asks, after a long moment.

Kyrellin is smart enough not to laugh or look visibly amused. That self-same pleasant expression remains on her face as she passes away from the Weyrwoman and the bronzerider, glancing toward Jaeli and offering up a polite smile and nod.

The Gather crowds are beginning to thin as couples step towards the dance floor. Finished with their tuning, the Harpers begin a stately waltz-type dance perfect for the Lords and Ladies. Respectfully, others wait for a few minutes, clearing a path in front of Heriya so she can make her way to the floor.

B'del flashes a smile at Heriya, taking the rider's hand in his, "Do we /have/ to, Weyrwoman?" Of course, he's only teasing thought the other might not pick up on it. "However, if I step on your feet, I'm not the one who wanted to dance."

Heriya fixes him with a long look. High above, Mhiandeth warbles loudly. If dragons could sound mocking, Mhiandeth would. Stately and composed and stiff as a board, Heriya allows herself to be lead out onto the floor. She doesn't smile, she doesn't relax, she doesn't even talk. She just allows herself to go through the motions of the dance.

Moving away from the main part of the crowd and apparently having little desire to dance, Kyrellin seems more content to check on things only a smith would give a mythical firelizard about. Her gait is unhurried, and there's a fond smile on her face as a couple of children race past her, a boy holding up a girl's rag doll and teasing her in the way that children do, the girl mere seconds from grabbing him and retrieving her property.

B'del quirks his brow slightly to the side as he watches Heriya for a moment before pursing his lips tightly together, as he leads the goldrider to the floor. If they were having anymore fun, they'd most likely be dead. He falls into the movements easily, dispite his warnings of stepping on her feet.

Heriya keeps it up until the dance is over, then retires quickly and gracefully to one of the wine tables. "Shoo." She tells B'del, making that motion with her hands as she receives a glass of the Tillek. "Go on, now. Find a young girl to dance with and be merry." Kind words coming from the usually caustic Heriya. She furrows her brow and frowns as she watches the merry-making, her distantly vacant expression betraying her current companion.

Jaeli circulates amongst the tables where those of High Ranks are seated, making sure dirty dishes are cleared away and chilled wine is constantly offered along with klah, water and juice. After seeing to her duties she returns to where Heriya left her to await the return of the Goldrider while shushing those that are speaking unkindly about her.

Kebra arrives from the Living Caverns.
Kebra has arrived.

Kyrellin makes her way through the tables until one of the girls she knows from the nursery comes and tearfully tugs on her sleeve, explaining hurriedly in a hissed voice about something that's gotten broken that needs to be fixed /now/. Casting a mild wistful glance over her shoulder at the party still going on, Kyrellin nods and moves away from the gather and ducks into the living cavern to continue her repairs. Out of sight, out of mind, hopefully.

B'del chuckles quietly when he's shooed off, shaking his head slowly as he moves to find some wine to make friends, "All right, all right, I'm going! You don't need to be so glad to get rid of me!"

Kebra skulks out of the caverns, dressed in tunic and pants once more as she ever so hesitantly returns to the gather. Keeping an eye out for the Weyrwoman and her various tattletellers, the girl makes her way over to a stall to wheedle the owner out of a bubbly.

Kyrellin steps over into the Living Caverns.
Kyrellin has left.

Jaeli slides towards the caverns as more exit it, having seen the need to make sure things are going smoothly in the kitchens where things never seem to be silent.

Heriya seems lost in her own thoughts, and those of her dragon, for a good while. Suddenly, however, she sits up, a smile splitting her face. She holds up her wine glass, and calls "Happy Turn's End! Merry Turn's beginning!" And then she sits back and looks smug.

B'del lifts up his glass at Heriya's statement, before taking a quick sip of his glass. "Aaahhh, any reason to drink is a good one! Especially a day like today! May the wine flow for all glasses!" There's a joyous laugh as the bronzerider indugles a little too much.

Kebra glances furtively toward the main portion of the gather as she hears Heriya's voice call out, but since it's something so innocent as well wishes for the new Turn the girl doesn't react. Finally managing to wheedel a bubbly from the stallkeeper, she scoots around to find a perch and enjoy her little treat, as far away from the Weyrwoman as she can manage without ending up in the snow. She listens to peoples' responses to the toast, and even manages to snatch a small glass of wine to join in, lifting her glass to the new Turn.

Heriya greets the Lord and Lady Holders as they join her, speaking their condolences about her gold not having risen yet that Turn and so on. Heriya laughs it off easily, promising them a clutch before the next Turn is out. They settle to the seriousness of talk, and anyone passing by may hear the word 'tithe' mentioned.

B'del idly listens to the chatter, finding himself a seat and plopping in it happily to chat with some of his fellow wingriders. Having enough seriousness for one day, especially having had to deal with the weyrwoman.

Kebra finishes off her bubbly and begins weaving her way around the gather again, passing close to Heriya and the Lords'n'Ladies now and then out of sheer curiosity. After all, what apprentice doesn't listen to their elders and betters? Catching a few bits of conversation, Kebra seeks a place where she can listen unnoticed.

"I noticed your last tithe was a little thin, Lord Tillek." Heriya notes, idly, twirling her wine glass. "And you charged me a ridiculous amount per bottle for this wine." The Weyrwoman smiles wanly, letting it seem that she jests, but the Lord of Tillek does not look amused. "Thread is gone," he says, simply. "And your Weyr has been released from its duty. It is time dragonriders did their share. Our fields produced little to send to the Weyr last summer, what with the droughts." Heriya is tensed in silent fury, and, intimidated, the stuttering, skinny Lord of Tillek turns to the Lord of Telgar for support. "Yes, Weyrwoman. We know that your Weyr runs shorts, as well. These are hard times for all of us. I have people to support." Heriya clenches her jaw, and it takes her a moment to reply, "Yes, but your people are moving out of your Lower Caverns, now that the thread of Thread is gone. Why are they not helping you to produce more?"

B'del arcs a brow as he catches words of the conversation. Hmmm...on the one hand, he could indulge in one of his favorite pastimes: bully the Lord Holders, on the other hand, that would be helping Heriya and who in their right mind would want to do that. Therein lies the conflict that flickers about in B'del's head as a thoughtful look crosses his face. "Hmm..." And with that one sound, the rider pushes himself to his feet, putting down his wine to take up Heriya's side. "They're not giving you trouble, are they ma'am?" Bullying the Weyrwoman is /his/ job, no one takes his job.

Kebra's brows creep upward at what she manages to overhear, before a dunken wineboy decides he needs to use her hiding place as a place to be ill. The girl promtply vacates that perch and, since it looks like she won't get to hear anything more of that oh-so-interesting conversation among the Powers, she makes her way back toward the warmth of the caverns, thoughtful.

Heriya looks up at B'del, scowling. It doesn't seem she'd realized she could be overheard. "No, B'del." The Weyrwoman replies, sullenly. "Not giving me trouble. Not at all. We're discussing a few political things. Things I'm sure wouldn't interest you in the slightest." She flicks her hand at him, her glower making her message clear - 'go away'.

B'del feigns a look of surprisement, "My lady, not only does it interest me, but I take point in listening in on politics all the time. Especially in the matters of /my/ weyr." And then a fond smile is thrown at the Lord Holders. All attempts to 'shoo' him away are ignored for the time being, maybe he can kill two wherries with one stone. Make the Weyrwoman /and/ the Lord Holders squirm.

The Lord Holders are not squirming - they're eyeing B'del with wary distaste. Heriya is squirming. Big time. "Now, B'del, don't be silly." She says, with a weak laugh and a glint to her eyes that spells murder. Above, Mhiandeth warbles warningly - but who the giant gold is warning is questionable. Heriya grits her teeth and glowers at her gold now. "Perhaps you Lords and Ladies would like to pursue thes manner in the Conference Room at a later hour. Once we've all had a chance to enjoy the Gather." Mhiandeth launches herself from her viewing spot, angled for the Central Bowl. "If you'll excuse me, my dragon is calling." And Heriya *hightails*, though with as much dignity as she can muster.
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