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First HRW Meeting

[High Reaches Weyr] Neoma: Okay, guys, the Weyrwide meeting is just about to begin. @tel #273, please!

B'del has arrived.

L'ric wooshes in.

Neoma grins. I've never been a big fan of Survivor, but anyways. Hi, guys, and welcome to High Reaches Weyr's first Weyr-Wide meeting. Today, we'll be discussing...

Our Current TP- What do you like, what do you hate? Suggestions?
Search and OOC Admin - Do we really need an OOC Admin yet? Are we stable enough to do Search? Do you have any suggestions?
On the same note, our Leadership flight. Should it be open to bronzes only? Or Bronzes and browns? Should it be open to an NPC, with the option of making him creatable?
Questions? Complaints? Compliments? Let me know!

You say "Other things may come up as we go through. After we've touched on a topic, I'll open up the floor. If you have something specific you'd like to see discussed, please page me or go ahead and put it out there."

Keira has arrived.
Keira says "What did I miss?"

B'del says "do we just say what we think?"

L'ric says "On the ooc admin end of things... I don't think we're really big enough yet to /need/ one. Having one might be a nice way to take some of the work off you, Neoma, but if you're cool with doing everything at this point... then I don't see a huge rush to get one."

[Public] Rydara grins. @tel #273, if you want to get in on the WeyrWide meeting?

Neoma laughs, and nods. All right, the first thing we'll touch on is our current TP. What do you like? What do you hate? Is there anything you think could be done better? Do you have any suggestions for our Planning committee?

Kyraen considers.

B'del says "On the TP side of things, I wish there was a little more info to say exactly what is going on. To get a better feel of what my character would be feeling. So a little more info."

Neoma nods.

L'ric nods and agrees with B'del.

Neoma grins. Don't be afraid to be harshly brutal, guys. I can take it. ^.^

Kyraen nods. Some background info would definitely help. I hadn't intended Kyraen getting in the middle of it, cos I'm not a fan of spotlight RP.

B'del says "I'm still not sure what is going on right now. I know there's Telgari, and that we don't like Telgari. But other than that, I don't know what's going on."

L'ric says "We're all getting into new mind sets, and that's hard enough to begin with. Definately more prominant BG info would have been nice. // I think it's that the Telgari don't like us, B'del. ;)"

B'del says "And we in turn don't like them because they don't like us :P."

Neoma chuckles. A little of both. I'll write up some background info to post on the board.

You say "Is there anything else about it, or just background stuff?"

B'del says "I know you've been sick Neo *hugs* but there's hardly been anyone to RP things happening."

Neoma nods, and hugs. That's been aggravating me, too. I wish I hadn't been so sick lately.

Keira says "I think it would be cool to have a updated 'news' file, so when you are looking to make a character it is easier to have an idea of 'what' to make if you like 'spot-light' rp."

L'ric says "Maybe more rumour or gossip posts just to keep the TP rolling along... stuff like: this is what's been going on since that night in the LC... is the murder being investigated... is it a public investigation rather than a hush-hush sort of one... stuff like that."

B'del nods.

Neoma nods, too. Awesome. Any other comments?

Keira says "A plotline file that is. I know some of the other games have LJ accounts so you can read others rp. It really helps you get a feel for the plot lines going on, who the key players involved and that sort of thing. It makes it a lot easier to just jump right in."

Neoma nods. That's a good idea, Keira! I hadn't thought about that before.

Keira says "It just makes sense to me."

Neoma grins.

Keira says "I know that feature character are almost required to post but almost everyone does."

Neoma nods. Still, I hadn't thought about a newsfile that was kept updated with current happenings at the area. That is definitely a good idea. Anyone else have anything before we move on?

B'del headshakes and is pretty braindead at the moment.

L'ric shakes his head.

Neoma nods. On to Search and OOC Admin, then. With L'rit's comment in mind about us not really being large enough yet to have one, what do you guys think? What about Search? I'd like to do our Leadership flight, and have Search follow, around the end of this month, and with Search, there are a lot of things to think about. We should probably have some type of Search Co in place by the time of the flight. Should we have a gold Egg?

B'del says "It's up to you, do you feel you need help, Neo? If so, you should try and see if you can get someone to help you with things. I know I wouldn't want to feel alone in things. Maybe you could get someone in charge of plots and dropping information or something like that. As for a gold egg...do we /really/ need one? I always thought you should wait and see if you have any good prospects for a gold egg before you made that decision."

L'ric says "Searchco is good as long as they are actually /doing/ stuff and not just sitting around puffed up because they're on Searchco. I'd think you'd be more inclined to wait on the gold egg bit... on the flip side, announcing a gold egg usually brings in more bodies."

Neoma nods. I do think we need a Search Co, if I can get the volunteers, simply because I can't do *everything*. ^.^ And what if we advertised a *possible* gold Egg, and looked over the applicants once we got them in? With the type of Search Cycle I've come up with, I'd really want to have a good idea of who I'm Impressing to what before I even Search them.

B'del says "We definitely need a search co, I'd be happy to volunteer my services. A possible gold egg is always the best way to go if you're not sure if you want one or not, hey, you might actually get a good gold candidate that you /have/ to have a gold on."

Keira says "(1) Search is always a good tp to get players if done right. (2) As for the gold egg. It depends. I think that having a non-wizard gold looks good in general, but it isn't required. But one that is for pure rp and not admin always looks good. And as L'ric says it does bring in more people. I know I always are more interested in a gold clutch not because of the gold but because it means a bigger 'group' in most cases."

Neoma nods. I very much hope we do, B'del. How soon do you think I should advertise for both Search and Search Co, then, if I want to have the Flight around, say, October 1st?

Kyraen thinks gold eggs tend to bring in more bodies. Part of the problem we have right now is that we have very few bodies to do the work right now. Folks who don't have rider alts can't be on the committee.

Neoma nods. Hopefully, though, the 'everybody who meets certain requirements and applies for chromatics gets chromatics' line should be helpful with bringing in those who are interested?

B'del says "I would say at least a few weeks before time, that way we can come up with egg descs and come up with any ideas we might have."

Keira says "Search can be a good plot line. If there is a gold egg, Search in the hold always happens and if I read the news correctly, that would be a big deal."

B'del says "sometime before next week, definitely."

Neoma nods, and grins. So we could open an opportunity for a bigger influx of Holders to the Weyr.

Keira has a thought. Do we have to do egg desc. I always thought that it was silly, on the few dragonriders I have had. I really never cared what the eggs are.

Kyraen says "BBposts on other games are good too. Switch the one on NC to a search-related one."

B'del says "We don't /have/ to."

Keira says "And if there where a lot of them. I never bother to read them."

Neoma nods. We can do the generic tan colored Eggs.

Keira says "I mean some of them have like 45 eggs and it just takes too much time to look at all of them."

You say "According to Anne, the eggs really wouldn't look too much differently anyways. Bronze eggs are supposed to have clear patterns to them, and gold eggs have an obviously gold overtone. Other then that, however, they all look the same."

B'del says "People just do descs to make the eggs prettier :P."

Keira says "Or, we could do tan eggs up till the hatching, then the egg could reflex the hatchling inside. Hatching tend to have the eggs objects on the sands before people arrived."

Neoma nods. So, having an 'egg mound' object on the Sands that described all of the Eggs, and then we could remove that to have the Egg objects the day of the Hatching?

Neoma grins. Described all of the Eggs in an abbreiviated sense.

Keira sort of. I was think more of just having tan eggs, and on the day of the hatching make egg object for the eggs to hatch out of them.

Neoma nods slowly. That's possible.
Keira says "After all the eggs should be buried in the sands."
Keira says "to stay warm."

Neoma shrugs. I've never seen in the books where the eggs were buried by the queens, but it's something to think about. Anyone have any other questions or suggestions? We need to move along.

L'ric says "It would depend on how your hatching code works, really. Making a bunch of actual egg objects on the day of the hatching could be a pain in the arse."

B'del can see a lot of code issues arrising that way.

Neoma nods. But if they were already made, and just set on the Sands the day before the Hatching?

L'ric says "Then everyone knows how many people will be impressing."

Kyraen says "Not if they were set dark."

L'ric says "Right. I keep forgetting about that flag."

Kyraen says "You can set an object dark and it won't show up in the room's inventory."

Keira will say she doesn't know a thing about code. But yea, Neoma that is what I was thinking. It just
would be part of the 'dragon making' process.

Neoma nods. That *is* a possibility. I'd have to talk to Mandrake, and see what she thinks.

Keira says "It would save alot of time than coming up with 45 egg descs."

Kyraen says "It is one way to get folks included, to ask for egg-descs, but if folks don't submit, you're stuck doing them yourself."

Neoma grins, and nods. And that's a headache and a half. Any other comments before we move on?

L'ric says "newp"

Keira is done.

Kyraen is splendiferous. Ice cream, anyone?

B'del wants ice creme.

Kyraen hands over a small bowl of chocolate chip with magic shell on top.

L'ric wants more tea *eyes the other half and sends metal messages*

B'del squees.

Neoma giggles. Okay. On to the Leadership flight! How do you guys want to see this done? Would anybody be interested in @emiting a Telgari bronzerider? Should we let the browns chase, too? Anything particularly different you've never seen done at a gold flight before you think would be cool?

Keira says "I always thought that browns always chase but they just don't win."

L'ric says "Leadership flight the senior gold usually grounds them."

L'ric says "At least, that's what I've been told... could just be one of those fandom things, though."

B'del says "I've always seen browns chase in leadership flights, and sometimes win."

Keira says "Hmm. I thought F'lar or Lessa said something about browns chasing Ramonth."

Kyraen can emit if needed. And yes, there was a huge problem when F'nor suggested letting Canth rise
after Wirenth.

L'ric says "To answer the question, however... you could let the browns chase but make it clear they will not win (if you want the gold egg)... realizing that if you let browns chase now, you set precedence for it in the future and could end up with a brownrider WL. And how would that be handled in this games timeline (DOOM!)"

B'del says "They could always chase just for the fun of it."

Keira says "The brown WL is always a plotline and it could be done many ways."

Kyraen says "The biggest reason why a brown /wouldn't/ rise after a gold is simply /size/. They don't
have the stamina to keep up with a queen. Canth was as big as the smallest bronzes, so by that thought, only the largest browns could try and hope to win."

L'ric is just pointing things out, is all. Neither saying it's good nor bad.

Neoma nods. Basically, DOOM, DOOM, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. I highly doubt a brown catching would float well, since in this canon and timeline it's considered ... I dunno how to put it - insane? Unthinkable? for a brown to catch a gold.

Kyraen says "Both insane and unthinkable. Just. Not. Done. is how I'd imagine folks in this time to think about it."

Neoma grins. And according to Dragonflight, only bronzes rose for Ramoth. With that in mind, is it something we want to set aside for a later flight?

Keira says "Yea. Lets not put all our eggs in one basket."

Kyraen noddlies.

L'ric agrees. Separating eggs is a good thing.

Neoma nods. Good. Hopefully, one of our bronzeriders will step up to the challenge *cute eyelash flutter*, or would you guys be amiable to having an NPC and making him a playable character?

Kyraen doesn't object to an NPC. They can be fun to emit temporarily.

Keira says "I am okay with a NPC as long as he is played every once and a while. Or makes updates on the boards."

B'del doesn't care either way.

L'ric says "Npc's don't bother me."

L'ric says "You could make him a feature as well as putting T'dis up for grabs as well."

Kyraen noddlies.

L'ric says "Just make sure to document his personality so the PC's have an idea of his temperment for when we all sit around and run him into the ground. *whistles innocently*"

Kyraen chuckles.

Keira shakes her head. What reading my mind?

Neoma chuckles. All right, well. We'll see, then, come flight time, since no one objects. Anything else?

Kyraen doesn't think so.

L'ric not from this side of the peanut gallery.

Keira says "All good here."

You say "Okay, lastly. Anything we haven't discussed yet. Questions, comments, complaints in general - anything that has to do with High Reaches Weyr or Timor Rising."

Neoma steels herself. Be brutal! I can take it! XD

L'ric watches everyone typing furiously! Lookit them go!

Keira smiles. Give me a month. I still a little new.

L'ric says "I noticed that the search concept is sorta the same concept that Threadfall decided they were going to try out with their next hatching. Did you decide to go with that for the same reasons they did? And if you're using the whole 'anyone who wants chromatic will get it if they meet the search reqs' then why do folks need to do an application?"

Kyraen says "Quality control? Tougher to-search requirements?"

L'ric says "Except the search requirements aren't all that tough, really."

Neoma laughs. Actually, I haven't kept up with Threadfall - that is purely coincedence, and an idea that I'd gone for from the start. The only people who'll be filling out (short) apps are the Metallic-wanting ones, and the Instas, though the Insta's should be shorter. As for on-game Impression, there are other requirements to fill - activity, for one, and eventually +votes (for RP quality, much like Settler's +noms or Pernworld's Applauds), as well as amount of time on game. The whole point was to get closer to a more canon Search cycle, in terms of length, and one that was as stressless as could possibly be made for the Search Co.

Keira says "On a note about +votes. You have to be careful with them. Sometimes people just don't do it, or forget."

Kyraen nods. True. I'd also be watchful of folks abusing the system.

L'ric nods, "Threadfall's new requirements are exactly the same... meet these and we'll search you. They put that into affect before the headwizard turned the game over to the new owner. Was just curious as to your thought process.

Kyraen says "Do the votes require that the voter paste in the pose or any text describing why they're voting for the person?"

Keira says "Also, if you are allowing everyone to impress. That is alot of work for the Search Co, so are the dragons going to me smaller."

Keira sighs. That is want I get for typing so fast.

Neoma nods at Kyraen. Aye, it does. And we are doing a limit, though I don't think we'll need it at first. There is a twenty Impression slot limit, with up to five slots going to metallics. If there is over a fifteen-slot interest for the chromatics, first priority will go to first-time TR riders, with it being a random pick after that. And that's pretty wierd, L'ric. But again, I honestly don't keep up with ThreadFall or their policies, so this is the first I'd heard of it. Plus, we were in the plannin stages a good while before the HeadWiz changeover. :)

Neoma laughs. The +vote requirement will be fairly small - only 2 per month.

You say "The Activity requirement will be the normal activity requirement for players. It might be slightly elevated later, but for now it's the same thing that can be found in the newsfiles on activity."

Keira nods. Okay.

Karielle has arrived.

Neoma grins. Anybody else have anything to add? If not, we'll take a quick break, and then interested folks can reconvene for the Plot Committee meeting in approximately ten minutes.

Kyraen is fine, thanks much.

L'ric doesn't think so.

Neoma waves. Hey, Karielle. A log will be posted in a little while. :)

Karielle feels she is rather late. My dramatic entrance wil be made. *a puff of smoke, and in you head the theme from harry potter rings! Then out of the mist comes Karielle!*

Kyraen applauds.

Neoma chuckles. In that case, we'll go ahead and reconvene on the hour, just to make life easiest for me. At that time, I'll have news of an LJ community for the MUSH, for anyone who is interested.
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